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The Archbishop of Canterbury’s recent comments about the application of Sharī‘ah in Britain have created a massive wave of responses. Here one author who is a Muslim women discusses how Sharī‘ah still governs women and children in family law.
The article discusses the case of two Christian girls whose father has converted to Islam. A court ruling has ordered that their mother hand over her two children to their father so that they can be raised as Muslims.
In the article, two Christian sisters named Shādīyah and Bahīyah, 36 and 34 years olds, have found that they are officially recorded as Muslims as their father had temporarily converted to Islam in 1964.
The article is a continuation in a series of articles thatdiscuss the problem of the Christian-born twins, Mario and Andrew, whose father’s conversion to Islam forced them to be registered as Muslims against their will.
The Egyptian judicial system lacks the unified stance and rules that regulate the cases of conversion and its consequences at the Department of Civil Status.
The story of a Christian boy who converted to Islam in return for sweets, and the father’s response, which was jokingly to offer a Muslim boy a larger packet of sweets to become a Christian, is presented as a positive example of Muslim-Christian relations, since both boys’ fathers shared the joke.


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