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The former Secretary General of the UN, Boutros Boutros Ghali explains that Egypt needs to improve its image abroad and believes that tensions between Muslims and Christians in Egypt are often exaggerated. He also believes that tensions in the region make Christians emigrate.
Muhammad Bakhāt writes that the Governor of Matrūh confirms that the land crisis involving al-‘Alamīn church has been solved by earmarking a 4000 meter plot of land to the church. Bakhāt was working hard to avoid an Abū Fānā type crisis.
The establishment of the European Union of Coptic Organizations for Human Rights held a conference on November 8, 2008 in Paris to focus on Copts issues and problems in Egypt and put it in the international limelight. The following lines introduce the conference and shed light on the different...
The article provides background information on the Abū Fānā Monastery crisis, stating that a settlement was reached when the Coptic Church agreed to give up some of the land for peace and a fencing wall to protect the remaining land. The article then relates how Minya officials have gone back on...
The author describes the emotional and impressive homecoming of Pope Shenouda after his medical absence in the U.S. The author also discusses the many issues within Egypt and the church that the pope is now faced with addressing. These include several postponed rituals, decisions, and the review of...
Sharīf al-Dawākhlī’s article in Al-Dustūr discusses the issues facing Pope Shenouda on his return from medical leave in the United States.
Pope Shenouda is said to be angry that the reconciliation agreement has not been signed by the parties involved in the Abū Fānā conflict. He will apparently deal with the issue first, when he returns from his medical trip to the U.S
The bill for a unified law for building places of worship is still waiting idly to be placed on parliament’s agenda once the parliamentary recess is over. Several Members of Parliament discuss their views.
A press conference to explain Abū Fānā has been postponed until mid-August when Bishop Demetrius will have returned from the U.S where he is visiting Pope Shenouda.
The author analyses the Abu-Fana attack and its effects on Egyptian society.


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