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The author analyses the Abu-Fana attack and its effects on Egyptian society.
The newspaper wrote an article about Bishop Demetrius, bishop of Mallāwī and head of the Orthodox Church’s Care, Service and Monasteries Affairs Committee, mentioning some secret information about him that has not been previously known by the media. In a related development, a committee was formed...
Yesterday Minia Criminal Court released five people accused in connection with the assault on Abū Fānā monastery.
Sa‘īd ‘Abd al-Khāliq writes about the recent incidents that took place at the Abū Fānā Monastery.
The author compares various media treatments of the Abu Fana incidents and other recent issues in Muslim-Christian relations. He asserts that the media treatment of the incidents was insufficient and influenced by the government.
A special committee led by the governor of Minya travels to Abū Fānā in order to draw the borders of the monastery after brutal attacks. The committee departed the area without a conclusion after much debate over conflicting maps. Officials insist the attacks were not a crime but a land dispute and...
The issue of rising sectarian tensions in Egypt is something that must be addressed directly and not shied away from, writes Hulsman in this week’s editorial.
A brief summary of Bishop Demetrius and his role in resolving the Abū Fānā Monastery incident.
Pope Shenouda has called on ‘Alā’ Hassānayn to try and solve the Abū Fānā crisis before he returns from the U.S
In the last three months Watanī newspaper has pushed hard for the unified law for building houses of worship to be discussed in the parliament. In this article Watanī presents a collection of opinions of members of parliament toward the proposed law.


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