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Some Egyptian Christian emigrants have always been parroting during the former regime's time that they could not come to Egypt to convene meetings and forums for dialogue over the Christian citizens' cares and problems as well as discrimination and challenges facing equality in Egypt.
The author says that during a workshop of the permanent Euro-Mediterranean partnership committee, the conferees reiterated the importance that Muslims and Christians have to search for points of agreement and keep their distances from others of disagreement so that amity and solidarity would...
Copts opened a side of the Kornish Street which leads to Tahrir square; this side has been closed since the beginning of the protest.
In al-Jumhūrīyah, page 1, May 20, 2011, reports noted that the Coptic Maspero protests may be solved after a decision to reopen four churches and the release of Coptic detainees in Maspero incidents, proven to be not involved in the incident.  
Field Marshal Husayn Tantāwī, the head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Force, ordered investigations into the death of Rāmī Fakhrī, a Coptic engineer who died in an ambush on a main road, and referral of the outcome to SCAF. Meanwhile, the council, in its 53rd message on its Facebook page,...
A final form [draft] of a law on political rights has been approved by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and was handed to the interim cabinet. Most importantly, it forbids expatriates to participate in Egyptian elections and removes the previous women quota in parliament. Our society calls...
AWR's Managing Director Hānī Labīb writes an article about his experience in Maspero when he visited the Copts protest, protesting against Imbābah incidents where two churches were burned by salafists.  
Eng. Khayrat al-Shātir, Deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood's (MB) Murshid [Guide], said that MB are preparing for an Islamic government, aiming at the return of an Islamic State and Islamic rule of the world. Read original text in Arabic  
Dozens of salafists distributed fliers in Qena protesting against the cabinet statement issued on April 20, 2011.


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