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Pursuing Egyptians' efforts to recover the spirit of the revolution, a meeting hosted by the Azhar on Wednesday (January 11) called for consummating power handover to a civil government as scheduled, refraining from bringing civilians before military courts and releasing all political prisoners....
Egyptian businessman and founder of the Free Egyptians Party, Eng. Naguīb Sawīres, stressed that he is against any demonstrations or strikes that disrupt the economic process during the current period.
Columnist Ayman al-Mahdi wrote  an article published by Misr al-Arabiyya on the demonstrations called for by several opposition and political movements in protest of the maritime demarcation agreement between Egypt and Saudi Arabia. This demarcation agreement would cede the Islands of Tīran and...
Hamdein Sabbāhī, founder of the Popular Current, said that Egypt is in a real dilemma now that it is following the same old policies, despite the fact that the people have had two great revolutions.
Security forces arrested a number of young suspects in the vicinity of Al-Fatḥ mosque in Ramsis and intensified their presence. Four police cars and armored vehicles were stationed.
In an interview by Al-Shabāb with an Egyptian researcher at the faculty of Literature of ‘Ayn Shams University,  Malak Ismāʿīl highlighted the main subject of master’s thesis  which focuses on the image of Egypt as reflected in the foreign news websites. 
Egyptian comedian and satirical media presenter, Bāsem Yūsuf, tweeted a series of harsh attacks against the Muslim Brothers on the fifth anniversary of the January Revolution. According to the comedian, the Muslim Brotherhood is behind the current condition of deterioration Egypt endures.
Founder of Egypt Above All Alliance, Mahmūd `Attyia, does not recognize January 25 a revolution or those who ignited it.
A poor economic situation and political confusion… The common denominator between the reigns of Mubarak and Al-Sisi. The return of prolific business men and officials throwing political punches at each other… a semi-new face between the two regimes. Analysts: “Egypt is returning to square one… and...
"Je suis le peuple” (I am the People) is the documentary film that was awarded at the 29th edition of the Entrevues Belfort International Film Festival. The documentary presents the uprising of the Egyptian people on January 25 through the eyes of the Upper Egyptian peasants.


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