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The author comments on political Islam, and the people that have fought to combat this image of Islam. She further comments on controversial Fatwás, as well as Muslim-Christian relations.
Dr. Refaat Sa’id discusses a new book about the Muslim Brothers in which the author argues that they are trying to give outsiders a moderate view of their organization, while in fact they are secretly involved in terrorist activities, either by carrying weapons or by encouraging others to use...
An antique copy of the Qur’an, going back to the eleventh century, which was written in gold ink, was found when an effort was made to smuggle it from Istanbul to London. The British police is trying to know the details of the smuggling attempt.
The author Rifa’at Sa’id argues that Islam in his view is humanistic and is not the way Islamists present it. The Prophet Mohammed presented a flexible, logical and human method in dealing with people who have different beliefs or opinions. There are no people with infallible interpretations of the...


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