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The following presents an interview with Tarek Heggy at the Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Translation. Drs. Cornelis Hulsman and staff members discuss sensitive issues throughout the Arab world.
Subtitle: 1- The leader of the organization says, "When Dr. Yehia Ismael said that Hanafy was an apostate, we decided to kill him" 2- The one who was supposed to carry out the operation says, "The plan was to kill him with penknives. I have trained on how to do this in Nozha" 3- An official state...
The monk congratulates the sheikh in a letter to the editor with his sermon on TV which he sees as an example of religious tolerance. The fact that the monk felt that he had to write such a letter shows that not all preachers are like this sheikh.
Interview about the opinion of the Coptic Orthodox Church on the attack on September 11 and the attack on Afghanistan. The bishop is criticizing Egyptian media and fears escalation.
After Dale Gavlak and Cornelis Hulsman interviewed the governor of Qalyubiya they interviewed H.G. Bishop Marcos and asked him to respond to all the issues raised by the governor.
Report of a short meeting between the RNSAW and the USCIRF which had been arranged through H.G. Bishop Marcos on Wednesday March 21. We explained our work and gave some examples of our reports.


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