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Watani interviewed a number of intellectuals and human rights activists to discover their views on the rise of sectarian attacks in Egypt.
The article comments on recent sectarian incidents that have taken place in Minia and links them to the need to pass a unified law for building houses of worship.
Robert Fisk ponders why the Middle East is so backward and why the area has so many dictators and so many human rights.
Watani interviewed Muhammad Zarie a human rights activist who is the head of the Arab Penal Reform organization.
The author reports on letters from politically and socially concerned Egyptian citizens
Dr. Fathī Surūr has been the target of harsh attacks by many Coptic figures due to his statement that Copts are far removed from political life by their own will because they prefer business
Dr. Nadia Mustafá, professor of international relations and director of the Program for Civilizational Studies and Dialogue at Cairo University, shares her thoughts about building civil society. The following is a summary of her discussion with Mr. Jayson Casper from the Center for Intercultural...
Based on the lectures given at the Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Institute symposium on de-radicalization and dis-engagement in December 2009 one of the CIDT interns, Vivien Molinengo wrote this paper on societal collapse and radicalization. He argues that the notion of societal collapse was a leitmotif...
Seven Egyptian parties submit a document to the government that includes a general framework for solving Coptic problems.
The author laments the difficulty involved in constructing service buildings with any suspected connections to a church. He blames security for this and waits for a unified place of worship law, along with several other Egyptians.


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