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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Egypt's Foreign Minister Sāmiḥ Shukrī has received a phone call from his Dutch counterpart Stef Blok, apologizing for the cartoon contest offensive to Islam. The contest was supposed to take place at the Dutch Parliament.
Firebrand preacher Wajdī Ghunaym lashed out at the opponents of President Muhammad Mursī, dubbing them as "rats and cockroaches that live in infamy and dirt". "Those who are called the elite are nothing but like barking dogs and know nothing about democracy or that parties may be legitimately...
Dr. Samīr Sabrī filed a complaint to Supreme State Security Prosecution against the Salafī leader Abū Islam, accusing him of threatening the Copts and calling for their elimination on al-Ummah television channel (Sāmīyah Fārūq, al-Wafd, May 15, p. 3). Read original text in Arabic.  
The author of the article, ‘Abd al-Wahāb Sha'bān, discusses the consequences of the insulting language used by both Shaykh Abū Islām Ahmad ‘Abdullah and Priest Zakarīyā Butrus. Sha'bān describes how Abū Islām and Butrus publicly criticise and insult Christianity and Islam, respectively. According...
We aren't here to favor one religion over another, or compare between human beliefs… we can't tame this attitude. But we can differentiate a person’s behaviors when they have the same responsibility and are in the same place.
The final statement issued by the International Symposium, which concluded in Fez, called for the United Nations to adopt a law criminalizing hate speech against the three monotheistic religions, similar to the anti-Semitism laws.
The Coptic immigrant, Majdī Khalīl [Magdy Khalil], continues to incite against Egypt. He is very active in organizing conferences, seminars and workshops aiming to attack his compatriots, arguing that there is systematic persecution of the Copts.
Attorney General Nabīl Sādiq filed a lawsuit against Yāsir Burhāmī on charges of inciting the explosion of Al-Botroseya Church by preaching rigid fatwas. 
The committee assigned to draft a new law, that counters hate and violence activities committed in the name of religion, has announced that the first draft is to be presented to senior Al-Azhar scholars for discussion, and eventually submit it to the House of Representatives to take the necessary...
Head of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR), Najīb Jūbra'īl, filed claim against Eng. `Abd al-Mūn`em al-Shahhāt head of the Salafi Da`wa for insulting Christianity and contempt of its creed.


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