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Shaykh Abū Islām ‘Abd Allāh launched al-Ummah satellite channel in response to al-Ḥayāh Christian channel’s continuous offenses against the Prophet Muhammad and Islam. Abū al-Islām declared his intention to launch a new channel exclusively for woman wearing the Niqāb. He called on leading...
Today Turkey is attempting to join the European Union and become the link between the Christian West and the Muslim East, but without wars or armies this time. Will the Europeans give a chance for the two cultures to be joined?
On October 25, the Jerusalem Post published an article about hundreds of Palestinian Christians fleeing the Palestinian territories. An Israeli spokesman referred in this regard to a radical sermon of Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya. This article, like the sermon of the Palestinian preacher,...
The RNSAW asked Ambassador Mohammed Zubeir, Palestinian Ambassador in Cairo, for a response on the radical sermon of Dr. Ahmed Abu Halabiya as published in the RNSAW, week 42A, art. 8. He rejects the statements made by Abu Halabiya and says he does not represent the Palestinian Authority or public.
The author believes that the anti-Jewish and Christian sermon in Gaza is dispisable but it is unfair to use this to denounce Muslim leaders in general. Many Christian Palestinians play a prominent role in their society and are like their Muslim compatriots opposed to Israeli policy.


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