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The Media Center for the Coptic Orthodox Church announced that it is launching an English version of its official website on Tuesday [June 1], after releasing its Arabic one last March.
On Tuesday [June 1], the Coptic Orthodox Church is celebrating the anniversary of the Holy Family’s entry into Egypt, and Akhbār al-Yawm has compiled the most important stops on their journey through Egypt, which lasted three years.
Pope Tawāḍrūs II honored Major General Ḥussām Khiḍr, head of the Public Treasury Authority and Mint, Dr. Sharīf Ḥāzim, advisor to the Finance Minister for Engineering, and several engineers and designers at the treasury, thanking them for their work to issue commemorative coins featuring the Coptic...
A large collection of Egyptian artifacts previously held at the Museum of the Bible (MOTB) in Washington, USA, has arrived at Cairo International Airport. The artifacts have been returned as a result of efforts made by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign...
Aḥmad Salīm ʿAwaḍ, a researcher of ancient history, says that the emergence of Egyptian Coptic art, which expresses Egypt’s unique character and is a witness to Christianity’s presence in Egypt for more than 2,000 years, is still alive today.  This is seen in the churches, monasteries, icons, and...
On Friday, Dr. Khālid al-ʿAnānī, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, held the grand opening of the Shālī Fortress and Aghūrmī Mosque in Siwa Oasis [Wāḥat Sīwa] in Maṭrūḥ governorate, after finishing renovations as part of the project to revive the historic village of Shālī.  
The Coptic Orthodox Church is celebrating the documentary The Path of the Holy Family in Egypt as well as the publication of a book of the same name.  Both were creations of the St. George Monastery for Nuns in Old Cairo.
Having a PhD degree is not a guarantee for good academic work. Dr. Mahmoud Omar [Maḥmūd ʿUmar] may have been a good archeologist, but he ruined his own academic reputation by interpreting medieval traditions as historical facts, as descriptions that have actually happened.
Efforts by the Coptic Orthodox Church to bring to life the path of the Holy Family have persisted in coordination with the relevant state authorities.  The path is considered among the most well known and most important tourist attractions.
For six years, the Egyptian government has been working to carry out a national plan so that Egypt can become an international religious tourist destination since it stands alone in the number of unique Christian artefacts and plays a pivotal role in the Abrahamic religions.


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