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The English magazine ‘The National’ has highlighted in an article details of the construction of the Virgin Mary and Saint Simon [Samʿān] the Tanner Cathedral. This cathedral, among other churches built on Muqaṭam mountain, was constructed from part of the mountain itself over a period of 20 years.
Today, the Coptic museum organised an exhibition titled ‘the Holy Journey’ to commemorate the anniversary of the Holy Family’s arrival to Egypt.
After our visit to the Egyptian museum, we continued our research in Christian history in Egypt, when Cornelis Hulsman guided us to the Holy Virgin Church in Maadi, where we would learn about the relevance of the Holy Family’s stay in Egypt for Coptic Orthodox belief.
Upon instructions from Pope Tūwadrus II, HG Anba Julius (General Bishop of Old Cairo Churches) paid a pastoral visit to the UAE churches for checking up on the people of the Coptic Orthodox Church, their priests and their servants in the UAE.  
In cooperation with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s (BA) Centre for Coptic Studies, Bayt al-Sinnārī (Sennari House) in the district of al-Sayīdah Zaynab (el-Sayeda Zeinab) in Cairo will host an open-day for the public to celebrate the annual Coptic Heritage Day on Thursday from 10 am till 7 pm.
Today, Saturday, a delegation from the Egyptian General Tourist Guides Syndicate (EGTGS) has visited the Catholic Holy Family Church at Maṭariya, Cairo, in order to learn about the history of its foundation, its spiritual and historical significance, in particular in connection with the Holy Family...
In his statements disclosed to al-Shurūq, former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord George Carey said that he still believes that England has a major responsibility in supporting the Syrian refugees regardless of their religious affiliations, stressing the importance of saving and sheltering the...
In a ceremony organized on Tuesday by both Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities and the Minting Department of the Ministry of Finance, the new medal commemorating the journey of the Holy Family in Egypt was celebrated.
Next Tuesday, the Copts will celebrate the start of the Virgin Mary’s fast that will end with the Assumption Feast on August 22. 
Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities Khālid al- ʿAnānī decided to allocate 100 thousand EGP for resuming the restoration work in some sites of the White Monastery[1]. He also decided to move some antiquities that date back to the Pharaonic Period for display in the Sohag National Museum.   [1]...


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