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American media shed light on al-Sīsī’s words to the Egyptian people during his visit to the cathedral last night for the 2020 Christmas Eve Mass. al-Sīsī thanked the Egyptian people for maintaining national unity and preventing sectarian wars.   
For decades now, Egyptian Coptic Christians and Muslims have been citing widely diverging numbers for the percentage of Christians in Egypt. In the absence of reliable, published data, the figures vary wildly, anywhere from 6 to 24 percent of population.
The crimes committed by the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood Group have affected both the Muslims and the Christians in Egypt. It’s impossible for any Egyptian to forget their church burnings and their attacks against the property of the Copts that were documented by the international and local...
In November of 2011, Dr. ‘Iṣām ‘Abd Āllah 'Iskandar, writer and professor of philosophy at ‘Ain Shams University, appeared on Coptic Sat, one of several Coptic Orthodox Church TV channels in Egypt, claiming that the number of Coptic Christians in the country exceeds 23 million. He appears agitated...
In the village of Zaʿfarāna, Minyā, the Coptic Orthodox Archdiocese owns a small place where her approximate thousand followers perform their prayers.
The Egyptian Church has denied accusations levelled against it by the Muslim Brotherhood, claiming that it had mobilized Copts to vote against the draft constitution during the first round of the referendum which took place last Saturday (15 December).
Dr. Najīb Jubrā'īl, Head of the Egyptian Union for Human Rights Organization, said that the Muslim Brotherhood are trying to enforce the Church name in the current events even though the Church did not interfere in politics and did not incite Copts to do anything (referring to protests off the...
Dr. Rev. Safwat al-Bayādī, head of the Evangelical Church in Egypt, stressed that Church withdrawal form the Constituent Assembly was due to not including Copts in the Constitution although they are half of the community. 
The Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Office and the Freedom and Justice Party headquarters in al-Muqattam lifted the Emergency Law to monitor closely the referendum in ten governorates.


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