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A De-radicalization Conference was held on 2-3 December 2009 in the Golden Tulip Flamingo Hotel, Cairo. The conference was hosted by the Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Institute. About 12 papers were presented, mostly by Egyptians, but with contributions from Norway, Denmark and the United Kingdom. In...
An Arab-West Report intern writes about the history and programs of the Salaam Centre for Medico-Social Services in Ezbet al-Nakhl district of Cairo. This center was formed and is run by a cooperation between Catholic and Coptic nuns.
Two Arab-West Report interns report on a Sūfī dancing performance by the Al Tannoura dance troupe at the Wikala of Al Ghouri in Cairo.
One of AWR’s interns investigated the long-winded church building story of the "Coptic Evangelical" [Presbyterian] Church in Ma’ādī.
Drs. Hulsman presents the Electronic Network for Arab West Understanding. He explains how it came into being and its main roles and functions. He also outlines the planned outcomes of the ENAWU 2 phase of the project.
AWR offers unique volunteer opportunities which will give you an excellent insight in the wide variety in opinions on Muslim-Christian and Arab-West relations in the Arab World.


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