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For decades now, Egyptian Coptic Christians and Muslims have been citing widely diverging numbers for the percentage of Christians in Egypt. In the absence of reliable, published data, the figures vary wildly, anywhere from 6 to 24 percent of population.
On behalf of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt, Hegumen of the Ismā’īliya Diocese, Fr. Kirillus Ibrāhīm, organized the follow-up of the displaced families, who flew from al-`Arīsh to Ismā’īliya in the event of the massacres committed by Dā’ish against Egyptian Christians in North Sinai. The...
His eminence Bishop Bīmin, head of the Crisis Committee of the Holy Synod of the church, accompanied by Bishop Qūzmān of North Sinai, made a visit to the families of al-ʿArīsh in the camp of  al-Qirsh in al-Ismāʿīlīya to inspect the conditions of the Coptic families displaced from their homes. The...
In the wake of two important conferences held recently in Cairo about citizenship rights and democracy, Diana al-Dab‘ examines the role of Copts in diaspora in these two conferences.
According to a Canadian newspaper, about 100 Egyptian Coptic families are in hiding in Canada or waiting for a refugee hearing.
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