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The Social Solidarity Minister Ghāda Wālī announced that some amendments have been introduced to the Operating Regulation of the Women’s Hosting and Guidance Shelters in an aim to improve their services.   
Meanwhile, Minister of Insurances and Social Affairs Dr. Najwá Khalīl said the ministry has so far approved giving a legal license to 4,000 civil society organizations since the beginning of this year, which is equal to all associations approved throughout all of 2011.
The Center for Arab-West Understanding had faced numerous obstacles from the moment the founders wanted to establish the organization in 2004, despite its lofty goal of facilitating understanding between communities in Egypt and the Arab World and the West, through producing material for Arab-Wes
Al-Waṭan is publishing the Human Rights Committee's report at parliament regarding the field visit to the Copts immigrating from al-ʿArīsh to al-Ismāʻīlīya.
The new Egyptian NGO law was widely criticized in different media and as a consequence we received questions about the status of the Center for Arab-West Understanding (CAWU) in relation to the new law. The following constitutes Dr. Hulsman's response. 
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