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Dr. Su’ad Saleh, professor at the women’s college for Islamic studies at the Azhar University said that she is the mufti of women and that Islam does not limit the work of the mufti to men only.
Her Royal Highness Princess Basma spoke about discrimination against women at a conference where studies were presented about the rights, privileges and freedoms guaranteed to Muslim women in the Sharia.
While Egyptian women can be ministers, lawyers, doctors, and hold many other prestigious jobs, they are still shut out of the upper levels of the religious hierarchy. Now one female religious scholar wants to become a mufti which is a high level cleric charged with giving out religious opinions on...
In the small village of Atmeda in Dakhalia governorate, a battle of wills erupted a couple of weeks ago between Amal Shafique Abdullah, the new dean of Al-Azhar Institute for Girls, and the village people, led by the league of Al-Azhar scholars who oppose her appointment because she is a woman.
Dr. Soad Ibrahim Saleh, professor of jurisprudence and head of the jurisprudence department in the Faculty of Islamic Studies and Dean of the Arabic and Islamic Studies department at Sadat City, is attempting to be a mufti for women’s issues.


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