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The Azhar and Dār al Iftā’ denounced the terrorist explosions that took place in Cairo and Sinai.
Three conscripts and a civilian lost their lives and 12 others have been injured in two suicide attacks in Sinai, and an explosive device in Heliopolis. 
The imam of a mosque located near the Virgin Mary and St. Sergiūs Church of al-Haggāna village, east of Nasr City, Cairo, called the police after he discovered many explosive devices stored on the roof of his mosque. According to the imam’s report, he feared these explosive devices were targeted...
Investigations of the East Cairo Prosecution revealed that the two killed Muslim Brotherhood leaders, Muhammad Abu al- Layl and Amin Izzat, had been accused of killing Mayādah Ashraf, al- Dustūr journalist, and Mary Sāmih, in ‘Ayn Shams. 
A media campaign is launched against the April 6th group.
Security forces have successfully preempted alleged Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers from carrying out what seems was a potential terrorist operation.
Fr. Istafanous Shihātah priest of the Samalūt Diocese has opened the Church of Saint Karas in Ma’sarah, Minya.
The Financial Times stated that the US is trying to support Egypt in its battle against ISIS.
President al-Sīsī makes a historical speech in the UN General Assembly.
Egypt’s Dār Al-Iftāʾ Observatory of Takfiri Fatwas and Extremist Views plays an effective and concrete role in countering extremist groups, and in rebutting their deviant ideologies and obscurantist trends. The observatory has issued a new study on the intellectual revisions of al-Qāʿidah...


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