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After a few minutes of the terrorist attacks that took place in the vicinity of the Foreign Ministry, a woman was suspected of carrying out the terrorist attack.
Meanwhile, al-Jihād al-Islāmī announced its support for ISIS in fighting the American-led “crusade against Islam”, irrespective of their ideological differences. 
On various jihadist websites, an official statement was published announcing a rapprochement between al-Qā’idah and ISIS, which until recently fought each other in Syria. 
Security experts have revealed the signing of a security and political agreement between Egypt, Algeria, and Tunisia in order to fight the spread of the fundamentalist terrorist group, ISIS, throughout the region. Indicators also reveal that this agreement will soon spread to Sub-Saharan countries...
The war against ISIS has started. 
American Secretary of State, John Kerry, stated that his country will support Egypt in combating terrorism. 
Conscript Ayman  Farhān has been martyred with the gunfire of unknown assailants in ‘Arīsh who fired at him during his service in al- Zuhūr district
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sāmih Shukry stated that Egypt is committed to eradicate the danger of the Muslim Brotherhood which produced many terrorist organizations. He stated that it is not logical to mobilize against ISIS and to give up on Egypt in facing the same enemy
Inhabitants in the area of al- Shaykh Zuwayid and sources from the Department of Endowments North of Sinai stated that there are more than 270 mosques in the city that are out of control.
The Pope also stated that Egypt is confronting ferocious attacks by terrorists and that the situation is improving gradually. 


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