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Al- Da’wah al- Salafiah has succeeded in nipping a sectarian strife in the bud in Hūsh ‘Īssá, Beheira.
Ahmad al- Sharīf, member of the shūrá council of al- Da’wah al- Salafiah, stated that the takfirī groups who operate in Sinai have threatened to kill Yāssir al- Burhāmī, the vice president of al- Da’wah al- Salafiah.
Yāssir Burhamī, vice president of the Da’wah al- Salafiah, stated that his fatwa pertaining to a man allowing his wife to be raped if he is threatened with death has been misinterpreted.
Al- Da’wah al- Salafia continues its confrontation with the Ministry of Endowments. 
Salafīs continued to violate the decision of the Ministry of Endowments prohibiting sermons given by politicians and non-Azharites.
Leaders in the Da’wah al- Salafiah have criticized what seemed to them as a confusion of the Muslim Brotherhood statements pertaining to the Shites and conflicts in the Arab world.
Al- Da’wah al- Salafiah in Faiyum has criticized what it called as an Iranian “Savafid project” in the region.
Dr. Yāssir Burhāmī, the vice president of the Al- Da’wah al- Salafiah, stated that raising the flags of al- Qa’idah (al- Qaeda) inside the university campuses is a methodological intellectual distortion.  He stated that it is caused by ignorance and a distorted discourse that some Shaykhs and some...
The Da’wah al- Salafiah has launched a campaign entitled “Dangers Challenging Egyptian Society” to face calls of excommunication, explosions, atheism and corruption.  Shaykh Sharif al- Hawāry, member of the Da’wa Salafiah board and officer in charge of the Da’wah in the governorates, stated that it...
The Da’wah al- Salafiah has issued yesterday a unified sermon and called upon its Shaykhs to adhere to it.


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