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Yāssir Burhamī, vice president of the Da’wah al- Salafiah, stated that his fatwa pertaining to a man allowing his wife to be raped if he is threatened with death has been misinterpreted.
Recently published by the Dār al-Battāna Publication House are two books of the Egyptian thinker and writer Dr. Khālid Muntaṣir.  The two books titled ‘Lakum Salafkum wa Lī Salafī’ (You have your own predecessors and I have mines), and the second book ‘Al-Khitān wa al-ʿUnf ḍid akl-Marʾah (‘Female...
  Egyptian media articles released this morning tackled many issues, some of which are reviewed below:
The Egyptian young artist Maī al-Ghayāṭī decided to counter violence committed against her gender through self-portraits showing her carrying a mirror as a shield to protect her body, while the mirror reflects a gesture suggesting violence.
The various channels of social media facilitated the promotion of many liberal ideas for women, which emerge from the framework of the stereotypical view, which is often based on the qualitative discrimination against it. In the midst of that scene, it was not strange to see such hostile...
On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Diaconia Office for development projects, affiliated to Coptic Catholic Church, organized on Friday a forum on the role of women in the Egyptian society, and the various forms of violence exercised against her.
The Syrian Monitor for Human Rights stated that the offshoot of al- Qa’īdah, known as ISIS, has sold 300 Yezidi women for 1000 dollars per woman.
In commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Egypt is to celebrate this day on 25 November, 2018, in the Egyptian National Museum at Tahrir Square [Maydān al-Taḥrīr, or (Midan al-Tahrir).
A recent study revealed that female genital mutilation, better known under its acronym FGM, has dropped significantly across much of Africa. According to research data, the decline of FGM surgeries performed on girls around 14 years old is due to the effectiveness of the anti- FGM campaigns.
A new and unprecedent initiative launched by al-Azhar generated controversies, when the cover page of the mouthpiece of the prestigious religious institution ‘Ṣawt al-Azhar’ presented pics of Egyptian women not wearing the ‘Ḥijāb’ -the head cover of Muslim women.


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