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The Egyptian Court of Cassation affirmed a ruling by the criminal court calling for the execution of Aḥmad Saʿīd Ibrāhīm al-Sunbāṭī for the murder of Father Samaʿān Shiḥāta Rizq Allāh.  This ruling is now final and no longer able to be appealed. 
The article highlights the recorded phone call of Fr. Samʿān Shiḥātah, the Coptic Orthodox priest from Banī Swayf [Beni Suef] who was stabbed by an extremist while he was on a visit in al-Salām City, Cairo.  Fr. Samʿān died on the spot, on October 12. 
On November 19, Christians of al-Fashn in the governorate of Banī Swayf will gather for the 40th day anniversary of Father Samʿān Shiḥāta’s death. This is a custom widely observed by Muslims and Christians alike, probably dating back to pharaonic days. In light of this occasion, please find...
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