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During a seminar at the Virgin Mary and St. John Church in Alexandria, Dr. Muhammad ‘Abd al-Salām Mahjūb called Pope Shenouda III Egypt’s “security valve” and praised him for the important roles he has played in various national security threatening cases. Father Ruways Marqus denied the church's...
The author claims that the past six weeks’ Al-fitnah al-tā’ifīyah is far from the new phenomenon it is allegedly portrayed to be by the media. He says that history shows that Al-fitnah al-tā’ifīyah has been an issue since the 1970's when President Anwar Al-Sādāt changed his name to Muḥammad Anwar...
The author highlights the meeting between Pope Shenouda of Alexandria and Dr. Mufīd Shihāb, the State’s Minister for Parliamentary Councils, to discuss the unified personal status law for Christians in Egypt. 
The author reflects on the current political role of the Egyptian Coptic Church and its relations with the ruling authority.
The article speaks about the crisis in Egypt after the remarriage ruling and the escalating tension between the Orthodox Church and the Egyptian government.
This article deals with how some Coptic Christians perceive the July Revolution. Some see that that the changes made were against the Christians, while others do not see this connection.
Khalīl reports on the recent troubles of Dr. Dūs Sūryāl ‘Adlī Dūs, the Egyptian Coptic ambassador.
The governor of al-Mansūrah has approved the bishopric’s demand to implement renovation works in different parts of the bishopric’s building.
The article discusses the relationship between Jamāl Mubārak and the Coptic Orthodox Church.  
Marina Ihab reviews Watani International colleague Nadir Shukry’s book about reconciliation sessions. In his book, Shukry documents 19 sectarian cases which have undergone traditional reconciliation sessions that resulted in the culprits being freed while the victims never receive justice.


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