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The author congratulates readers on the occasion of Easter.
Yāsir al-Shūrī has accused Bishop Kyrillos of changing his stance and withdrawing his statements against Maj. General Majdī Ayyūb Iskandar, governor of Qena. al-Shūrī claims that there was a strongly-worded message from Pope Shenouda’s secretary.
An anonymous author alleged that there is a state of conflict between the church represented in the bishop of Naj‘ Ḥammādī and the governor of Qinā, the Upper Egyptian governorate. The following day al-Wafd published a response from the bishop in which he denied any conflict and describes the...
The author refutes claims of some Copts that late President Jamāl ‘Abd al-Nāṣir had discriminated against Copts through his nationalization movement.
The article highlights the recent problems with Pope Shenouda’s health, and expresses Watani International’s wishes for a speedy recovery.
The author discusses the tradition of Ramaḍān Ifṭār banquets, and the “rosy picture” that they present of Muslim-Christian relations.
The author reviews a novel authored by Assil Bassili entitled, ‘Irini Passi.’
The author discusses the Minister of Labor ‘Ā’ishah ‘Abd al-Hādī’s response to the International Labour Organization’s report which claimed that Copts were discriminated against in Egypt. She claims that Copts are ten per cent of the Egyptian population, and control 30 per cent of the Egyptian...
The relationship between the ruling party presided by President Mubārak and Pope Shenouda reached an impasse after Mubārak ignored a request submitted by Pope Shenouda to appoint three Copts in al-Shūrá Council.
Outrage and a desire for revenge against the regime prevailed within the church after the regime broke its promise to allocate a number of seats to the Copts in the Shūrá Council’s mid-term elections.


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