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The author reflects on three different recent incidents that he believes should worry moderate Muslims and questions why international organizations have not spoken out against these events.
The article discusses how fanaticism is only being further spread on the Egyptian streets with the distribution of CD’s that deride the beliefs of others.
The author interviews Jamāl al-Bannā, brother of Haṣan al-Bannā who founded the Muslim Brotherhood, on a number of issues relevant to Egyptian society today, including Muslim-Christian relations.
The article is a personal interpretation of Islam presented by al-Nogaidan. He explores his experiences with Islam, beginning with extremist ideologies that were fostered in Saudi Arabia, to his realization of Islam as a try religion of peace.
The author discusses trends of political Islam and terrorist attacks in the West. He questions why British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has not stated that Muslims worldwide should condemn terrorism.
The author discusses the increasing trend of radical Islam. He comments on how it is in actuality doing more damage to the Arab world than it is helping it.
The authors consider incidents of sectarian strife, and who is really at fault for the crises. They further question to what extent security forces try to appease the situation, as well as the role that the media and the public play in worsening the conflict.
The author criticizes the occurrences that surround incidents of sectarian strife, and the continued segregation that Copts are subjected to. He states that Watani International will be accepting donations to assist the victims and the family of the victims in the sectarian crisis in Bimhā.
Some people still consider women as a taboo, and should subsequently be avoided. Others believe that a woman working with men constitutes adultery and infidelity. Some Fatwás say that men shaking hands with a woman is Ḥarām, as are music and songs.
The author considers reform in Islam, outlining the inhibiting stance that many Western countries adopt regarding reform in the Islamic world. The era of ‘political correctness’ has led many to blindly ignore violations of human rights in the hope of maintaining a level of correctness while not...


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