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In an aired TV program, Pope Tawadros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria, said that the Coptic Orthodox Church grants divorce and the right to remarry, only to the innocent party that has been cheated on.  
The call went out in the media, Facebook, and by text message: The Maspero Youth Union summons Copts for a mass demonstration at the cathedral to demand the church withdraw from the constituent assembly. In the end, twenty people came. Most were members of the Maspero leadership.   
 The group "Support Copts in getting a divorce" is leaning towards establishing an assembly for the group, and sends a letter to the minister of justice requesting that he legislate a civil law for Copts.   
Councilor Ahmed Shams has been responsible for some of the most significant rulings throughout the last 40 years in which he has been a member of the judiciary. The most recent of these ruling is Copts' right to second marriage, a matter with which Pope Shenouda III refuses to comply. Key Words:...
The author says both Copts and Muslims Brotherhood use the same pretexts to apply their laws.
The Administrative Court ruling which grants a license to remarry is unconstitutional for it violates Article 46 of the Constitution which guarantees the freedom of belief and it contravenes the Coptic Orthodox doctrine.
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