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Orthodox Copts on Friday evening begin the fast of the Virgin Mary [Dormition fast] for 15 days.  It is among the second tier fasts that allow the consumption of fish. 
On the seventh of August of each year, the Coptic Orthodox Church begins the fasting of the Virgin Mary (lent), lasting for 15 days, during this period daily prayers and liturgy along with the spiritual revival are held in the evening, where priests and bishops give various spiritual words...
Next Tuesday, the Copts will celebrate the start of the Virgin Mary’s fast that will end with the Assumption Feast on August 22. 
The Coptic Orthodox St. Mark’s Cathedral in Alexandria, and other churches, will be holding more than 46 spiritual sermons and masses from August 7 to 22 to celebrate the fast of St. Mary which ends with the feast of her Assumption, according to the Coptic Orthodox tradition.
Copts begin the fast of theVirgin and in al-Balyanā they offer their fasting and prayers for the reinstatement of defrocked Father Bula.
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