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Doctor Inās ʿAbd-al-Dāyim, the Minister for Culture, confirmed that the film ‘Karma’ directed by Khālid Yūsuf will be screened in cinemas as scheduled. She stressed that in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, the State respects creativity in all areas of arts, and consolidates...
Egypt’s Censorship on Artistic Works issued a decision to rescind the license of the film ‘Karma’ directed by Khālid Yūsuf from movie theatres after having banned it “due to the filmmakers’ failure to obtain the necessary licenses for public screenings”, the Authority claimed.
The author says that BBC considered the film ’Hasan wa Marqus’ as reflecting on the sectarian tensions of the seventies and the eighties that witnessed radical Islamic and Christian thought. BBC also said that the Egyptian initiative for personal rights produced two acts of violence. The author in...
The author compares various media treatments of the Abu Fana incidents and other recent issues in Muslim-Christian relations. He asserts that the media treatment of the incidents was insufficient and influenced by the government.
The article provides an overview of the film ’Hassan and Marqus,’ which provides a comedic spin to the affairs in Egypt, particularly Muslim-Christian relations.
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