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Idrāk [Edraak] Foundation for Development and Equality released a report about violent crimes against women in Egypt, which indicated an increase in violence against women in 2020 as a result of the Coronavirus.
The Bishopric of Public, Ecumenical, and Social Services (BLESS), the development arm of the Coptic Orthodox Church, participated in the “16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence” Campaign for 2020.
The National Council for Women (NCW) praised the opening of the first shelter for victims of human trafficking in Egypt.  Dr. Māyā Mursī, head of the NCW, stressed that Egypt has made strenuous efforts to combat this crime.
Google celebrated the 141st birthday of Hudā Shaʿarāwī, who was responsible for beginning the women’s liberation movement in Egypt and who was born on June 23, 1879 in al-Minya governorate. Shaʿarāwī has made a great history in the feminist movement in Egypt.
Tunisian critic Shukrī Mabkhūt (Shoukry Mabkhout) writes: Amidst the worldwide campaign on sexual harassment and rape “#MeToo”, a British mother of a six-years-old child accused the famous children’s tale “Sleeping Beauty” claiming that the kiss the handsome prince takes from the beautiful sleeping...
Despite political and societal efforts made to protect women’s rights and solve their deep-seated family problems, women's and human rights organizations believe they are still in an inferior, or at least an unfair, position in the face of violence, underage marriage, FMG, harassment and political...
In the first meeting of its kind, the Malāwī branch of the Egyptian Family House (EFH), or Bayt al-ʿĀʾilah, south of Minya, discussed the risks of underage marriage.
Egypt's Bloc of Female MPs declared their refusal of a draft law on lowering the age of marriage to 16 for girls, as it contradicts the constitution that states the age of 18. The 45-member parliamentary bloc said that the legislative proposal will only help worsen the population explosion crisis...
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