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The Court of Cassation recently ruled that a husband’s infertility does not constitute sufficient grounds for his wife to file for divorce. The court justified its ruling with the statement that the aim of marriage is not procreation, but the exercise of mu’adda [love, friendship] and rahma [mercy...
In Jordan, where traditional values still hold sway in a rapidly modernizing society, a woman’s "honor" is sometimes worth more than her life. Just the suspicion that she could have lost her virginity before marriage, willingly or not, can prompt vengeful relatives to kill a daughter or sister to...
A Cairo court has granted a woman a divorce from her husband said to have beaten her for objecting to his "un-Islamic" gold earring, court sources said on April 7.
In an exclusive interview, Pope Shenouda III speaks frankly to Al-Ahram Weekly about the national role of the Church, the new draft Personal Status law, and other controversial issues.
Lawyer Fatma Lasheen files a law suit asking to be appointed as judge. If she wins, the door will be open for women for the first time to sit on the bench.


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