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In an unusual and unprecedented approach by a public figure, the Minister of Awqāf (Awkaf or Endowments) Dr. Talꞌat ‘Afīfī has embarrassed an Egyptian reporter, when he refused to be interviewed by her at the conference, “Ministries beyond Barriers” because she was not wearing the hijāb. 
The Egyptian Feminist Union (EFU) considers the exclusion of women from leading positions, such as the judiciary, is a form of discrimination.
 In this report, Misr al-‘Arabīyah [masralarabia.com] monitors reactions of experts and specialists to the report recently released by the National Council for Women (NCW) in Egypt on the explicit and violence against women scenes in the Egyptian TV drama during the month of Ramadan.
The Tunisian president's call for the [permissibility] of marriages between a Muslim woman to a non-Muslim man and equality in inheritance between men and women sparked a widespread heated controversy in Egypt more than any other Arab and Islamic country. 
In Aswan, the city of magic and beauty, the International Women's Film Festival for 2017, presented women issues from all over the world, while Nubian women in their own homeland, await the chance to present their cause on screen.
On June 10, George Is'hāq, one of the co-founder of the major oppositional movement Kefāya (Enough is Enough) during the Mūbārak regime, and member of Egypt's National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), wrote an article in Al-Shurūq Newspaper, strongly condemning the ongoing discrimination practiced...
The Centre for Arab Women Training and Research (CAWTAR) launched the Legal and Human Rights of Women and Men: between Equality and Gaps, an online information tool that aims to feature “legal status and rights” compiling laws related to the status of gender and human rights in 20 Arab countries.
The name of Abu Ishaq al-Hawaini has been for years associated with strange fatwas, especially with regard to women, weird thoughts that had nothing in common with Islam.
The Committee of women with disabilities of the National Council for Women held its regular meeting under the chairmanship of Dr. Hibah Hajras, a member of the Council. At the council meeting Dr. Hajras commended the efforts made by the President ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī in support of persons with...
Assistant to Social Solidarity Minister, Nevīn al-Qabbāj, said that the Ministry has established eight centers to host and guide women, and to protect them from violence, in partnership with relevant NGOs.


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