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The author discusses failures in Egypt to ensure full citizenship rights for women, children, the elderly and the Copts. He notes that a conference, to be held in December, will address issues of citizenship.
Dr. al-Bayādī reacts to the calls for reform of the electoral process for the position of head of the Evangelical Community Council.
The author discusses the unprecedented participation of Kuwaiti women in the legislative elections.
Dr. Thanā’ Fou’ād ‘Abd Allāh discusses the issue of improving the conditions of women in Saudi Arabia. Although there is trend that asks for the liberation of women, there is also another stream that opposes what they call ‘westernizing’ Saudi women.
The article comments on the idea that Islamic scholars refuse a female Muslim to hold positions of president and Muslim Caliph. They resort to a hadith narrated by Abu Bakrah that when the Prophet Muhammad was informed that people of Persia were ruled by Kisra´s daughter. He replied that no...
The article is an interview with Hayat Al-Masemi, the first Islamist activist to be nominated for the Jordanian parliament. She believes that women should participate in political and social life. She is of the opinion that the niqab is not a religious duty
The author says that Islam has stressed equality between men and women in all rights and duties, including the civil, economic, educational, political and work rights.
Tal‘at Jād Allāh highlights the position of women in the Egyptian political life, arguing that in Egyptian man-dominated society, women are deprived of many of their citizenship rights.
The author argues that Islamic history, despite all its high-sounding slogans, is teeming with assaults on women’s freedoms and rights, guaranteed by virtue of Islamic law.
A discussion of the number of Coptic candidates in the elections.


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