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The author believes that the Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy is no longer able to play an effective role as one of Egypt’s most reputable Islamic institutions.
The issue of whether women are allowed to be head of state has caused deep rifts within the Egyptian Islamic and political circles and outraged a number of feminist activists.
Mājid ‘Atīya writes on the thorny issue of the participation of Copts in legislative councils.
Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary candidate and Professor of Arab Literature at the Azhar University, Dr. Makārim al-Dīrī, says that men are superior to women, but also argues for increased female participation in political issues.
Khomeini’s Iran, the Taliban’s Afghanistan, Nimeiri’s Sudan and several other countries have claimed to be ruled according to Islam. Yet such ’Islamic’ rule merely led to backwardness and oppression. The elite in Egypt are terrified by the idea that a theocracy Egypt would bring a whirlpool of...
Islam has paid women their due, including participation in politics; the Islamic history is abundant with evidence in this regard. Hence the groundlessness of Western and American claims that Islam prohibits women to partake in the political arena. In this respect, Egyptian scholars stress that...
The Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Waqfs of the Emirates organized a seminar about the niqab to discuss whether it is an Islamic obligation and whether Islam allows women to participate in the different public activities of life.
The feminist movement in Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Morocco does not give up requesting women’s rights. The number of national councils, non-governmental organizations and feminist associations is growing.
The Alexandria Document on the “Problems of Arab Reform: Vision and Implementation" presented a vision of the change which Arab intellectuals aspire for in the Arab World, along political, economic, social, cultural and civil society axes. The aspired reform calls for giving civil society free...
The political, social and intellectual emancipation of women is a prerequisite for any serious comprehensive political reform that would develop our own nation.


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