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A recent study revealed that female genital mutilation, better known under its acronym FGM, has dropped significantly across much of Africa. According to research data, the decline of FGM surgeries performed on girls around 14 years old is due to the effectiveness of the anti- FGM campaigns.
7 December 2017, by Jasper A. Kiepe and Salma Khamis This article is the second installment in a three-part series: In the first article, we gave an overview on the situation in Egypt with respect to sexual harassment, and violence against women more generally. In this piece, we examine the...
About the Authors: Mette Toft Nielsen completed her M.A. degree in Culture, Communication and Globalization in Aalborg University, Denmark in 2013. Nielsen began her career at the Center for Arab-West Understanding, researching the reasons why people choose to emigrate for her M.A. thesis....
  Danish researcher Mette Toft Nielsen, former CAWU intern and main author of the book Women in Post- Revolutionary Egypt: Can Behavior Be Controlled? (withPeter Hervik, 2017) held a book launch event on the 21st of October, 2017, in the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute in Zamalek, Cairo. 
The Coptic woman's ambition never ends; she is tireless, and never gives up trying to get her rights, especially in facing the church’s legacy of dominance over women’s affairs.
The final statement of the Conference of Doctors against FGM confirmed the dangers and bad health effects resulting from complications of circumcision in both the short and long term. The statement, issued on Friday, said that the practice of FGM violates human dignity, and the physical and...
Vice President of the Egyptian Association for the Assistance of Juveniles and Human Rights (EAAJHR), Rabāb `Abdū, praised the draft law proposed by the government on the severe penalties imposed in cases of female genital mutilation (FGM), which stipulates that in cases of permanent disability...
In its investigative report published on Friday, Al-Bawāba writes "the latest victims of FGM was a girl from Al-Beheira who was saved just in time, as she was severely bleeding for days after she had the cut at a private clinic at night.  
Dr. Māya Morsī, head of the National Council for Women (NCW) called on the media and their outlets to support NCW's awareness campaigns that criminalize female circumcision, and to help anti-circumcision organizations in their relevant efforts, saying “Broadcasting awareness campaigns are expensive...
Amāl Fū'ād Mohammad, head of the Central Department of Population and Social Studies of the Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS), on Thursday reviewed the latest statistics, which show the most prominent issues facing girls and women in Egypt between 2008-2015.
Recent statistics released by the United Nations Children’s Fund [UNICEF, see: http://www.unicef.org/], revealed that Egypt comes second on the list of countries that practice female circumcision.In hisbook, ’Khitān al-Ināth Fī Manzūr al-Islām’ [Female Circumcision from an Islamic Perspective],...
Maḥmūd Ḥabīb criticizes an article about the Bahā’ī belief.
The third annual report of the National Council for Human rights is causing a division within the public even before its release.
A conference held at the Azhar University, attended by Muslim scholars and medical doctors from Africa, Asia and Europe, condemns female circumcision and denies that it is a religious practice.
The writer records some arguments over some religious texts including al Ahād hadīths, Ḥijāb and circumcision. Also she discusses the question of right hadīths and what is called scarified hadīths.
A German foundation finances a conference aimed at convincing Muslim scholars to prohibit female circumcision.
The author comments on the issue of female genital mutilation, arguing that it has nothing to do with religion. He also explains its scientific and psychological aspects, showing that it does not fulfill its claimed objective, which is keeping the chastity of girls.
Court rulings annulling marriage contracts are on the rise and the author blames sexual impotence.
The author deals in this article with several new satellite channels that disseminate programs presented by extremists.
Many Azhar scholars have rejected female circumcision and even criminalized it based on the notion that the practice has never been a duty or obligation in Islam and there are no texts in the Qur’ān or sunna [the Prophet Muhammad’s tradition] that encourage it.


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