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"Power to Change" was the theme of the World YWCA’s 29th council in Cairo. Throughout the conference, Egypt was acknowledged as an excellent example of co-operation between Muslims and Christians by encouraging to work together in all fields of voluntary work.
The YWCA World Conference ended its sessions yesterday. 600 women participated in that conference from all over the world. The Conference organized a campaign in order to write off the debts of the poor countries. This campaign will be held by the British Christian Aid organization.
The 25 million-member World Council of Young Women’s Christian Association, YWCA, called upon the international community to implement the United Nations’ resolutions, which support the sovereignty of Palestine.
What have women done towards preventing ethnic cleansing in Kosovo? How are women contributing to the Middle East peace process? What part can they play in building understanding between people of different faiths? What can they do now to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor? These issues...
Hundreds of women from around the world attended the 18 July opening in Cairo of the YWCA (Young Women Christian Association) World Council.
Today Mrs. Mubarak opens the 29th International Conference for the Christian Women’s Associations. Dr. Mervat Al-Talawi, the minister of Social Affairs, and Mamdouh Al-Beltagi, the minister of Tourism, will be attending the opening session. 600 women attend this conference, representing leaders of...
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