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Member of Parliament (MP), Marguerite `Āzer said that religious extremists spread erroneous religious perceptions on women, pointing to the urgent need to promote women political, economic, and social empowerment. 
Munīr Fakhrī ʿAbd al-Nūr Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade said that the Industrial Training Council is implementing projects to promote social and economic empowerment of women aiming at creating new prospects for Egyptian women. 
Tallāwī signs a memorandum of understanding to protect women against violence  Ambassador Mirvat Tallāwī, General Coordinator for the Arab Women Organization, signed a memorandum of understanding on Tuesday with Muhammad al-Nāsrī, the representative for the UN for Women in Egypt. This memorandum...
A conference held at the Azhar University, attended by Muslim scholars and medical doctors from Africa, Asia and Europe, condemns female circumcision and denies that it is a religious practice.
A German foundation finances a conference aimed at convincing Muslim scholars to prohibit female circumcision.
A research about the characteristics and vocabularies of human rights in secondary school books of religion revealed that issues of doctrine were present more than human rights principles.
The article praises the achievements of Egypt’s first lady, Mrs. Suzan Mubārak whose activities, says the author, are based on genuine faith, sound thought and a practical approach.
The 1990s witnessed a confrontation between international organizations trying to work in Egypt and law 32/1964, preventing founding NGOs receiving foreign finances. Since most of the activists are lawyers, they began digging inside the body of the law to find legal ways of doing this. Tens of NGOs...
Her Royal Highness Princess Basma spoke about discrimination against women at a conference where studies were presented about the rights, privileges and freedoms guaranteed to Muslim women in the Sharia.
Participants at a two-day conference on crimes of honor called on the Parliament to adopt the government’s proposal to cancel Article 340 which offers lenient sentences to perpetrators of these crimes. The Ministry of Social Development announced recently that it is in the process of establishing...


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