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 Kamal Zakher, the coordinator of Coptic secular bloc, is waiting for the Ministry of Justice's decision concerning the secular united personal status law for Copts.  
 The struggle between the church and the group "Copts have the right to divorce" continues.
 The author states that there are many opposing opinions concerning the Unified Law for Personal Status for non-Muslims as not being for non-Muslims. 
Pope Shenouda puts an end to three thorny issues: the crisis of the Bishopric of Maghāghah and the Unified Law on Personal Status for non-Muslims, and finally the judgment of the priest of Dayr Mawās.      
Pope Shenouda puts his final touches on the personal status law and may meet with the priest of Dayr Mawās and his wife.    
The article highlights the unified personal status law for Christians.  The author reports on the unified personal status law for Christians and states that there are reservations on the chapter covering the issue of adoption. This article will hinder the passage of the law because although...
Munsif Sulaymān, the representative of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the legal committee of the Ministry of Justice, said that the Personal Status Law for Christians is ready, and has been approved by the ministry following its approval by Pope Shenouda III. He says that the final step would be an...
This article looks at the Egyptian Court ruling allowing re-marriage, and the Christian Church’s refusal to accept it.
The article focuses on a new bill to allow adoption among Christians in Egypt and the disputes among the three churches on the unified personal status law.
This article highlights a symposium at the Yūnān Labīb Center for Historical Studies, discussing the unified personal status law for non-Muslims.


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