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The author reports on the first khul‘ lawsuit brought to a court by a Christian lady.
Hānī Samīr wrote in al-Dustūr about the confusion of Christians over the amendment of the 1938 regulation and the unified personal status law. He describes the comments of various people involved in the situation.
Sidhom discusses a draft personal status law that the church presented to the Minister of Justice and laments the fact that executive and legislative authorities procrastinate so much when it comes to Christian or Coptic concerns.
Dr. Samīr Tanāghū, a professor in the Law Faculty at Alexandria University, writes about one of the unresolved legal issues concerning the state and the church; the Personal Status Law, and its effects on Copts.
Defrocked Coptic Orthodox clergymen blame Pope Shenouda and influential bishops for receiving bribes and discriminating against the poor, yet church figures deny the allegations and stress the church’s decency.
Majdī Khalīl discusses the forced disappearance of Coptic girls. The phenomenon is not new, however it being announced more frequently. Khalīl discusses the reasons why Coptic families are more often daring to announce the disappearance of their girls, and the reasons behind the increase of the...
Han ān Ibr āh īm, mother of 15 year-old Nancy, reported the disappearance of her underage daughter, claiming that a lady called Nill ī, with the help of her son, Kar īm, kidnapped Nancy, with the aim of marrying her to Kar īm.


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