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Jīhān al-Sādāt, wife of the late President Muḥammad Anwār al-Sādāt, is considered one of the most important advocates for Egyptian women’s rights in history. She was a lecturer at Cairo University, was a visiting professor at the American University in Cairo, and a lecturer at South Carolina State...
The Family Law is on the top of the Parliament's agenda, in particular, after human rights defenders had described some of its provisions as “destructive for the relationships between couples in cases of divorce, khulʿ (the divorce initiated by women), and custody of children.  
Dr. Jehān Sadat confirmed that the late President Sadāt was intending to leave power after receiving the last piece of land in the Sinai because he believed that developed countries are prosperous because they are not governed by a one-man rule. “Sadāt believed that a reform was necessary,” the...
Mai did not imagine that she could be prohibited from spending her time with her son, Daya, who is only four years old. Since her divorce over a year ago, she effectively became the sole custodian for her son. But recently she has started to worry because of proposed amendments to the Personal...
This article outlines the difficulties faced by two brothers raised as Christians, but with a Muslim father. The boys’ mother helps them with a lawsuit to keep their religion, but it seems they will be forced to convert to Islam.
This article deals with the two Christian boys who desire to keep their Christian religious beliefs, although their father has converted to Islam.
The Administrative Court rejects a lawsuit filed by Mario and Andrew’s mother against the minister of the interior and the head of the Department of Civil Affairs.
Bishop Bishūy seeks political power and supports Jamāl Mubārak.
The public prosecutor has launched an appeal on behalf of Camilia Lutfī to change the 2008 court ruling that granted her husband custody of their children.
Watani International tells the story of a custody battle between two divorced parents. The story was further complicated by the fact that the child’s father converted to Islam.


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