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The Holy Synod protests against court ruling granting divorce to Copts.
The author gives a comparison between Talaq (divorce) and Tatliq (getting divorced).
The author discusses the concept of divorce in Christianity and conditions that invalidate a marriage contract.
The author discusses an Egyptian court ruling granting divorce to a number of Christians who, in accordance with the Christian precepts, can not remarry, proposing unified civil laws applied to both Muslims and Christians in personal status affairs.
The author thinks that having a unified personal status law could solve the problem of thousands of Copts who have divorce court verdicts but are waiting for having a re-marriage license from the Church.
The author suggests a draft unified personal status law that could be applied to both Muslims and Christians, but which respects their unique characters at the same time.
The review deals with the issue of Coptic divorce and Egyptian Orthodox Pope Shenouda’s position rejecting a recent court ruling allowing divorced Copts to remarry.
Hala Sidqī, a Coptic actress who got divorced after filing a khul‘ lawsuit against her ex-husband, comments on the court ruling requiring the church to give Christian divorcees permission to re-marry.
The article reports on a ruling issued lately by the Administrative Court which requires the Egyptian Church to give permission to Christian divorcees to re-marry, a ruling which is rejected by Pope Shenouda.
A court has imprisoned a registrar of marriage contracts for the Evangelical Church at the Ministry of Justice, Yuhann ā Sal īb Girgis, after he was found guilty in the forgery of data in a marriage contract.


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