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After Max Michel and the laymen’s conference, the Coptic Orthodox Church is facing troubles with a new dissident called Ra’ūbīl Istifanus, who established Saint Paul’s church for his new congregation the Sons of the Christ.
In a complaint made to al-Sāhil chief prosecutor, a Christian woman accused an Evangelical pastor of swindling and marrying her off to a married inspector at the National Authority for Insurance and Pensions through a pseudo-contract of marriage and unknown church’s rituals.
Adel Youssef, a lawyer, said that he expected that the court would agree to divorce actress Hala Sidqi from her husband because he follows a different denomination from hers, which means that their case can be examined according to the personal status law of the Muslims.
Abu Maqar monastery issued a book titled ?The Divine Wisdom Behind the Structure of the Church.? The book tackles the role the church can play in the political sphere. According to the book, clergymen are not allowed to play a political role. Laymen can play a more effective role than clergymen...
Divorce issues pose serious problems in many Copts’ private life and are causing a severe conflict between the state and the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Father Nasīf writes in response to Dr. Ahmad al-Tayyīb, the former muftī of Egypt, who accused Christianity of being a religion that calls for violence and where reason is absent.
The secretary of the late Archbishop Gregorius says there were no differences in faith-related issues between the late clergyman and Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria, but there were different views between the two over issues that were not considered crucial.
The Commissioner’s Authority of the State Council delivered its report regarding the appeal of Pope Shenouda against the decree of the administrative court that obliged him to give permission for remarriage to divorcees. The ruling of the lower court was declared to be illegal and...
The author notes that the recent conference on orthodox doctrine has sparked a “conference war” between the mother Orthodox Church, laymen and Max Michel.
Pilgrimage and Coptic divorce were amongst the top issues discussed by Pope Shenouda in his last Wednesday meeting.


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