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Pope Shenouda gave a lecture in the 34th Cairo International Book Fair about the human mind and the restrictions that prevent it from right thinking. After the lecture, the pope was asked many questions about his relationship with the Sheikh of the Azhar, the Palestinian issue, the role emigrant...
The former president of the court of appeal says that the claim that the Christian wife has the right to ask for khul´a if she changed her religious denomination has no true bases. Some Christian denominations allow divorce but no Christian denomination permits khul´a. Since this is the...
A conference has discussed Egyptian women’s rights in the current Personal Status Law. The attendants demanded the amendment of some articles of the aforementioned laws, guaranteeing the rights of women and children.
The author investigates why many Coptic young men are postponing marriage and examines their fears about divorce, which is not allowed in Orthodox circles, except in a few, rare cases.
A recent study published on Copts United website has revealed that many Egyptian Copts feel totally trapped because of the church’s restrictions on divorce. Despite having obtained divorce rulings from the state’s personal status courts, Copts are denied the right to a second marriage by the church...
The author believes that the ban on divorce by the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church has a practical and emotional impact. She states that many couples change their denominations, while others resort to illegal means, including forgery, to obtain a legal separation.
The Administrative Court of Egypt is to look into the case brought by a divorced Copt, demanding Pope Shenouda III to grant him marriage permission after he was granted a civil divorce from a state’s family court.
A critique of the controversial work of researcher Yustina Saleh on the 2nd article of the Egyptian constitution, which states that sharī‘a is the main source of law.
Pope Shenouda continues to uphold his strict attitude towards marriage which forbids divorce, except in cases of adultery, despite being opposed by a number of fierce critics.
William claims that Pope Shenouda is deliberately blocking his application to remarry, based on the notion that his ex-wife, Sidqī, changed her denomination and obtained a final court ruling for divorce on March 30, 2002.


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