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A man married an ugly rich woman to overcome his poverty and decided later to get rid of her by converting to Islam.
Discussion about the issue of divorce in the Coptic church, the ten conditions under which divorce was allowed in the 1938 law, and Pope Shenouda’s rejection of these conditions.
Michael ‘Ādil looks back on the main events of the year for the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Defrocked archpriest Andrawus ‘Azīz says in this interview that there are eight other reasons for Coptic divorce besides adultery, while Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria adamantly still insists that adultery is the sole reason for divorce. This is perhaps because he is trying to consolidate his...
The Coptic Orthodox Church refuses to recognize divorce for any reason except adultery. On the other hand the Egyptian constitution recognizes divorce for other reasons.
There is a contradiction between the Orthodox church and the Egyptian legislation on the matter of divorce. The book ‘Copts divorce’ reviews issues related to this matter.
In this article the author discusses American strategies for interfering in religious, political and educational matters in Egypt, particularly in relation to the Orthodox Church and al-Azhar.
Have church sessions succeeded in helping youth on their way to marriage? The answer may be found in the growing attendance of even Muslims and foreigners at sessions for youth who are considering getting married.
Christian women suffer a lot when they get divorced. Thus, a church is arranging sessions for supporting divorced women to integrate once again into their societies.
A Catholic woman has complained of the failure of her married life with her husband who told her that he did not love her and could not live with her. She said she seeks a divorce which is not possible in Catholicism.


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