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The Supreme Administrative Court has adjourned two appeals by Pope Shenouda and the Ministry of Interior until September 16, 2006
The Holy Synod protests against court ruling granting divorce to Copts.
The author gives a comparison between Talaq (divorce) and Tatliq (getting divorced).
The author discusses the concept of divorce in Christianity and conditions that invalidate a marriage contract.
The author discusses an Egyptian court ruling granting divorce to a number of Christians who, in accordance with the Christian precepts, can not remarry, proposing unified civil laws applied to both Muslims and Christians in personal status affairs.
The Coptic author investigates the concept of adultery in Christianity and whether the church’s position on divorce is really protecting Christians from sliding into adultery, given that there are a reported 40,000 cases of Christian divorce in the Egyptian law courts.
If you are Christian, 10,000 pounds, the price of a forged certificate that indicates the conversion to another denomination or religion, is the cost of divorce.
Fādī Habashī interviews Bishop Mousā, the bishop of youth, and discusses with him the current problems Copts are facing.
The author of the article reviews a book by Karīma Kamāl, a journalist known for her articles discussing the problematic issue of divorce among Copts.


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