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The story of a Coptic woman who has found out that her husband is a polygamist, and who now has a civil court divorce verdict, which the church does not accept.
A lawyer, famous for helping Copts convert to Islam, calls for giving more freedom to any one who wants to convert to Islam.
The article reports the church initiative to establish schools for newly married couples to improve their social and sexual knowledge of marriage. Some studies show that 25% of divorce cases among Copts are due to sexual problems.
The counselor of Pope Shenouda III stated in the Third Family Conference for the Coptic Church, held recently in Tanta, that sexual problems are behind 25% of Coptic divorce cases. He added that the new personal status law for Christians includes other conditions for divorce rather than marital...
Christian writer Suleiman Shafiq introduced a controversial paper in the second annual conference for human rights in Egypt. He deals with the legal crisis of Egyptian Christians and focuses on discrimination practiced against them.
The review deals with the issue of Coptic divorce and Egyptian Orthodox Pope Shenouda’s position rejecting a recent court ruling allowing divorced Copts to remarry.
Hala Sidqī, a Coptic actress who got divorced after filing a khul‘ lawsuit against her ex-husband, comments on the court ruling requiring the church to give Christian divorcees permission to re-marry.
The article reports on a ruling issued lately by the Administrative Court which requires the Egyptian Church to give permission to Christian divorcees to re-marry, a ruling which is rejected by Pope Shenouda.
The Ministry of Justice revises the draft unified Personal Status Law for Copts that was presented to the government in 1999 by the Christian denominations in Egypt. The law states that spouses cannot change their denomination or religion during marriage. This would mean difficulty for divorce or...
Interviews with a Christian judge and a protestant pastor on the issue of Khula’ in Christianity and the Personal Status Law for Christians.


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