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After the death of Jamāl ‘Abd al-Nāsir, Sadat had to create religious groups that could counter balance the influence of the Nasserites in the streets and universities.
The author had criticized in a previous article the Church that has been newly established under US registration. The church, under the leadership of Andarāwus ‘Azīz, is dedicated to solving the problem of Copts unable to get divorce or remarry because of the Orthodox Church’s inflexible position...
Around 4% of recent Coptic marriages have been deemed illegal. This high percentage is threatening the institution of marriage within the Church. The Church does not recognize these marriages either legally or spiritually.
This article is a message refuting what ‘Ādil Najīb Rizq published in the same newspaper on July 11, 2005. Father Andrāwus ‘Azīz says that ‘Ādil Najīb Rizq based his article on a bundle of lies and slander about Father Andrāwus ‘Azīz, and that the intervention of the law is necessary.
Andarawus ‘Azīz, supposedly a priest, was proved to have been violating the Bible as he explained the sacrament of matrimony in his own way in a bid to attract more supporters for the illegal marriage ceremonies he and his likes are holding.
Thousands of problems are being sent to Pope Shenouda’s office since June 1993, when he issued a law forbidding the marriage of a woman to her brother-in-law and the man to his sister-in-law after their husband and wife’s deaths….
The marriage of Copts needs nobody’s permission, not even that of the Pope Shenouda. If there are arguments opposed to marriage, then it is the couple’s choice and the Church’s role should be restricted to holding the wedding ceremony and blessing this choice.
Qataouta Shenouda Jayyid married to Nasr Nasr ‘Adwān, 12 years ago. After marriage she found out he was married to three other Christians and a Muslim woman wearing the niqāb.
Issues of personal status and dismissed priests show that there is a discrepancy between civil and ecclesiastical rules. The church considers dismissing mistaken clergymen part of its authority. Still, the court deals with the decisions of the church administratively that can be appealed before the...
Khul´a is divorce upon the request of the wife]


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