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The General Syndicate for Mineral, Engineering and Electrical Industries headed by Engineer Khalid El- Fiqī has organized a conference for Arab Women under the title “Women between the past, the present and the future Prospects” during the period from the 16th to 21st of  April in Cairo and...
The National Council for Women (NCW), headed by Dr. Māya Mursī, congratulated Ḥasnāʾ Shaʿbān who became the first female judge in the Economic Court of Tanta, the capital of Gharbiya Governorate, north of Cairo.
President `Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi’s announcement as 2017 being the Year of the Woman renewed hopes of female jurists and feminists that the new year will see more pleasant events, giving women more rights and gains which are currently absent.
The stand of the judge’s club against appointing female judges shocked civil and feminist trends which believe that this stand is contrary to the principle of judge’s independency. It also violates the Egyptian constitution and the international charters.
The Legislative Committee of the Egyptian Parliament examines the possibility of allowing women to occupy all judiciary position according to the constitution, which stipulates gender equality.
The appointment of the first Egyptian female judge in the Supreme Constitutional Court caused a dispute between the Grand Imam of the Azhar and Sheikh Youssef Al-Qaradawi concerning women working in the judiciary.
The Sheikh of the Azhar approves that women can be judges, muftis and members of the Islamic Research Institute. He stressed that cloning human beings is impermissible. He believes that God may have given Amr Khaled the gift of preaching or perhaps people are impressed by his new way of addressing...
The situation became very complicated for Christians who are either seeking divorce or are getting married again after they have secured a court ruling for obtaining a divorce. Now there are about 160,000 cases attempting to deal with this complicated issue.
Although the Islamic sharī‘a [code] gives equal rights and duties to men and women, the criminal law violates the principle of equality when it comes to punishing the crime of adultery.
The Culture Committee at the National Council for Women held a discussion group under the tile ‘Discrimination against women in the religious discourse.’


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