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Her Royal Highness Princess Basma spoke about discrimination against women at a conference where studies were presented about the rights, privileges and freedoms guaranteed to Muslim women in the Sharia.
The article discusses female genital mutilation among Yemeni females. There is a wide difference between the actual teaching of Islam and what is externally practiced in various Islamic states by Muslims who have at time mixed up customs, traditions and secularism with Islamic teachings.
Odette Skandar, a Christian entrepreneur and president of Egypt and Middle East Company, was chosen to be recognized as one of The Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World.
Lawyer Fatma Lasheen files a law suit asking to be appointed as judge. If she wins, the door will be open for women for the first time to sit on the bench.
Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, Sheikh of the Azhar University, discusses several religious issues with the students from the University of Alexandria in a meeting with them during their summer camp.


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