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There is conflict among Muslims concerning what their religion is. Last Sunday, two Arab leaders made statements pertaining to this point. The Moroccan King Muhammad VI called for the protection of Moroccan society in the face of the “the shaking of religious references and the escalation of...
According to officials in Athens, the number of Muslim women participating in this year’s Games is the lowest since 1960. Several Muslim countries have sent no women athletes at all; others, such as Iran, are taking part with only one, in full hijab. (Editor’s Note: Egypt sent three women; all in...
Muslim scholars have gone on a rampage directly after the news of Amīna Wadoud delivering the Friday sermon and leading male and female worshippers in prayer.
The issue of females leading Islamic prayers “female imām” triggered a number of reactions in the Muslim world. Dr. Yousuf al-Qaradāwī views it as American Islam. He says that Islam does not allow women to lead prayers, attend the prayers unveiled or menstruating, or even pray shoulder-to-shoulder...
Last Friday, Amīna Wadoud, an associate professor of Islamic studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, led about 150 men and women in prayers in New York City, amid growing opposition from several Islamic organizations.
In an attempt to stop the deluge of Fatwás, that are issued by unqualified Muslim clerics on satellite channels, the Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy recently announced itself and Dār al-Iftā’ as the only authorities responsible for issuing official Fatwás in Egypt.
The article briefly mentions opinions of Muslim and Christian thinkers on reforming the Islamic discourse to fit modernization.
The article is about a book by Maḥmūd ‘Awaḍ that shows how peaceful and tolerant minister al-Bāqūrī was.
The author reviews three books on Islamic studies.
The author talks about the rights of Egyptian women in society.


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