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The personal life of some famous reciters.
The author explains the conditions of woman’s testimony.
After her invention of the term “the kitchen mentality,” Dr. Muná Abū Sunnah discusses the dependent condition of women and calls on women to stop believing in four main illusions that turn women from an independent human being to mere means in the lives of men.
A Shaykh who enjoys considerable public support declares that a woman is a dwarf that must be under the authority of a man, and thanks God for blind men having been saved from the fatal sedition of women.
The article discusses an interview that Hasan al- Hudaybīy, the general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, gave a German journalist Stefan Gratz which was then published in Rose al- Yūsuf in 1953.
The Muftī of Egypt issued a Fatwá to the effect that the contest of miss Egypt violates the religious values and the Eastern traditions. Basing on this Fatwá, the Prime Minister was warned against holding such a contest.
Khālid Muntassir writes about ‘Al-Awbah’ [The Return], a book that has caused a wide controversy in Saudi Arabia.
The writer is discussing the debate about suggestions for reforming religious curricula for secondary schools, because these curricula are said to repeat, word by word, phrases from the books of the executed ex-leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sayyid Qutb.
Nabīl Zakī reports about how the issue of human rights is being tackled in educational religious curricula.
After the Muslim Brotherhood announced their plan to change the ‘banned’ group into a legal political party, many voices were raised in an evaluation of the group’s role in the political life throughout its history.


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